GOcharge was recently tasked with providing a solution to Alanna Homes for a new apartment block in Clonsilla, Dublin. The local authority specified that at least four spaces in the car park should be serviced to allow for EV charging. Initially, a site survey was carried out and discussed with the developer based on the local authority specification. A location was selected based on the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) and the power available to run the unit while ensuring that additional units can be added easily as demand dictates.

Sharon O’Brien adds, “In this instance, we provided a ‘hands-off’ solution to the management company. Once the installation is complete, the tenants simply download the GOcharge mobile app and register their account. Residents only pay for their charging sessions, and the management company is reimbursed for the electricity. We provide 24/7 customer support and maintain the charging station on the GOcharge network.”

Gordon Tobin, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Alanna Homes, says about GOcharge – “This is the ideal solution for us as we are fully compliant with our planning conditions. Residents have the benefits of EV charging, and GOcharge operates and maintains the charging station, so the management company do not have any day-to-day responsibility for its operation.”

The future of EV charging

Looking to the future and bearing in mind Government commitments on the environment, EV charging will be a pre-requisite of all new builds, both commercial and residential.

Sharon O Brien explains, “We have invested heavily in our technology, which is based on the leading European EV charge-point platform. Our system enables smart charging and is fully automated from the hardware we use to the software that runs our EV charging network. All our hardware is connected and future-proofed. We are confident we have a complete solution for housebuilders.”